Unilever Intern Jobs

Be Anyone. Do Anything. Start your Career at Unilever.
Our 10 week summer internship program gives you exposure to real business problem solving in your area of study including Supply Chain, Research and Development, Customer Development, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, and Human Resources.
Make the most out of your college experience and take a semester off to come work with us for 5-6 months in order to gain on the job experience throughout various roles and departments within the company that will make you competitive and successful for real opportunities after graduation.
This program is a 10 week summer internship only for 1st year MBA students that provides them with real world problem solving preparing them for an associate brand manager role in a global consumer packaged goods company upon completion of their MBA program.
This is a 3 year rotational program designed to prepare recent college graduates for managerial level leadership positions after they complete the program. This program includes opportunities with high level strategic problem solving and global exposure throughout the company.